Widget thermal zoning

This widget allows to create thermal zones to be simulated in Trnsys. It allows to assign IFCSpace to a zone.
IFCSpace are usually matching a room of the building.

As first step, user must create a new thermal zoning. A zoning is a set of zones. Several zonings could be created in order to study different concept for the same building (summer comfort, consumption, etc…). To one zoning matches one generated BUI file.

To create a new zoning, clic the button image
A dialog box appears to set the zoning name. Once validated, the new zoning appears in the list:


Now a thermal zone can be added to this zoning by clicking on the button image

A dialog box appears to set the zone name. Once validated, the new zone appears in the list:

At the bottom of the widget, all available IFC Spaces are listed. User must select spaces that will be part of the thermal zone and drag and drop them on the corresponding thermal zone. Space selection can be done in different view, specially the 3D view which facilitate room selection.

In the following example, spaces 096, 037 et 089 are dropped into “Zone_1”.


Once all thermal zones have been created and spaces assigned to each thermal zone, user can switch to thermal view by clicking on the button image

Area computation option should be set before this action. Depending on the IFC file format, doors and windows area have to be removed from walls area or not.


This computes adjacencies between zones and cut created zones off from the whole building. Building view is usually limited to a part of the building after switching ti thermal view. In the following example, notice the difference before and after switching to thermal view.

3D display in IFC view

3D display in thermal view

After switching ti thermal view, the spatial widget is also updated to display the thermal view, which means thermal zones as well as all elements (walls, floors, windows, doors, roofs)