Widget thermal zone properties

Thsi widget allows to edit thermal zone properties which was created using the zonign widget. To select a thermal zone user must clic on the corresponding node in the spatial tree view:


Properties are displayed in 2 sections:

  • zone properties
  • elements belonging to the zone (walls, slabs, windows)

Zone properties
The following values can be edited in this section:

  • Activate cooling, modify set temperature and maximum power
  • Activate heating, modify set temperature and maximum power
  • Take into acount mecanical ventilation
  • Take into account natural infiltration
  • Person presence (using schedule) and their gains

Properties of zone elements
This section displays same properties as the one in the widget default material selection. User can override default material and select anotehr one only in the current edited thermal zone.

To override the current material, user must check the checkbox “User defined […] material for this zone” then select the material in the list.

In the example below, the selected material for ground will be the one selected here and not the default one defined at building level.


WARNING: Several zones properties can be edited at the same time (multiple selection in the tree)