Widget shading elements

This widget allows to select elements that will be generated as shadings in Trnsys. These elements will be used when BUI file is generated using mixed 2D/3D mode or full 3D mode and will be used to generated windows shading matrix.

All elements in contact with a thermal zone will automatically be considered as potentially shading windows and do not need to be specifically added as shading elements. They should be added only if they are not involved in the simulation and potentially generating shading on windows.

IFC elements must be dragged and dropped in the widget. IOnly following elements are available:

  • IfcWall
  • IfcColumn
  • IfcSlab
  • IfcBuildingElementProxy

In order to drop an element into the widget, it must be selected in a view (3D or project). Then drag and drop all selected elements from the project view to the shading widget.

In the following example, elements have been selected in the 3D view (in red) then dragged from the project view (on the left) and dropped in the shading widget (on the right)

During BUI file generation, shading elements geomertry will be generated if the option is checked in the widget “Génération des fichiers BUI et DECK”.

WARNING: the shading selection must be done before switching to thermal view. Indeed, IFC objects are used as shading and are no more visible in thermal view as thermal view do not displays IFC elements.