Widget default material selection

Once eveBIM-Trnsys is set up (see [Settings](http://forum-evebim.cstb.fr/t/set-up-the-trnsys-plugin-at-first-use-
settings/145/1)), the software reads Trnsys databases in order to display materials in this widget.

Then a default material can be selected to be used by default in the building simulation:

  • Ground
  • Intermediate floor
  • External wall
  • Internal wall
  • Window
  • Roof

To select a material, first select the wall type by clicking on it (in yellow bellow) then select the material in the list. When going through the list, layers composing each material are displayed bellow.


The selected material for each type will be the one used by default during BUI file generation.
This choice can be ovveriden at zone level for each type and also for each element

Material definition will then be applied following the order:

  1. Building default values
  2. Thermal zone values (if overriden by user)
  3. Element value (if overriden by user)