Widget BUI and DECK files generation

This widget allows to manage and generate BUI and DECK files.

3 generation option are available:

  • 2D model: The BUI file is generated only in 2D (no shading and no detailed radiation calculation)
  • internal 2D and external 3D model: The inside of the building is generated in 2D and all external elements are generated in 3D mode. This allows to compute shadings (.shm file automatically generated). No detailed radiation calculation in this mode.
  • 3D model: The whole building is generated in 3D. This allows to compute detailed behaviour like atrium for example. The whole building should never be generated with this option as it is only dedicated to small and specific study due to the calculation duration. Using this mode, shadings are calculated (.shm file automatically generated) as well as view factor (.vfm file automatically generated). This mode calculates detailed radiation inside the building. It can be easily used room by room

2 checkboxes allow to manage:

  • Shading generation (3D): This checkbox is only accessible in mixed 2D/3D mode or full 3D mode. It automatically generates shadings inside BUI file if they were added to the Shading widget
  • Coldbridges generation: This option will generate coldbridges, if they were detected using the Coldbridges widget.

4 buttons are located on the right part of the widget and allow to::

  • Generate BUI and DECK files
  • Directly run a Trnsys simulation in order to check the dataé generation (to do so, the selected weather file is used as well as the capacitance conversion factor)
  • Directly open in TrnBuild the generated BUI file.
  • Export the generated DECK file into Trnsys Simulation Studio.in order to complete the simulation with systems inside the historical Trnsys environment.