Save / Restore

This widget allows to save/restaore all parameters and data set for Trnsys.

It is possible to save once a zoning has been created (see Widget thermal zoning).

To save data, clic at th top of the Trnsys widget on the button image

Data are automatically saved into a file using the same name as the IFC opened file but using the “*.trnsys” extension (in the same folder)

When opening an IFC file, is the “*.trnsys” file is in the same directory, it is automatically read and the thermal zoning and all values are restored.

User can also load another “*.trnsys” backup file by clicking on the button image

When the IFC file is closed or when user exit from eveBIM, if the file is not saved a dilog box suggest to save the IFC file. Indeed, the thermal zoning is done by inserting IfcZone elements into the IFC objects tree


It is not mandatory to save the IFC file if you do not want to modify it. Indeed, all information are also saved into the “*.trnsys” file which is suggested to save just after.